How to really look at a baby’s head

It is important to look at your baby’s head from different angles and to do this we like to break it up into quadrants as demonstrated in these pictures. This will give you a good visual about VOLUME DIFFERENCES. Once you can really see each area in this way, you can assess where the flattening and fullness is. Keep in mind, mild inconsistencies or small areas of flattening or little bulges here and there are nothing to worry about.

You want to see if there are large areas of asymmetries. We want as much symmetry as we can get in the large areas. All the other stuff will blend into the skull and never cause an issue for the baby. Frontal symmetry is very important and we like to get that the best that we can. This will involve positioning AND really effective neck stretches.

These pictures are good to take once every few weeks for the first 3 months of life. Try to get the same angle each time – as this will help you monitor the shape and make adjustments as needed. Before you know it, you will become head experts just like us!

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