Occipital Ledging

What we see here is called a “prominent occiput” or “occipital ledging”. Typically a baby will get these from their position in utero. We can help improve this by early intervention of ensuring baby sleeps directly on that bulge. The direct pressure helps it to blend in to the rest of the skull and not …

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700 Hours?

By the time a baby is 2 months old, they will have been on their back an average of 700 hours! It seems impossible, but after adding it all up, it most certainly true. This can be one of the causes of plagiocephaly. Let’s break down this statistic. Think about it. A two month old …

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What Is Infant Massage?

There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of infant massage. Here’s a summary of how it works to hopefully encourage you to seek out this wonderful opportunity for you and your baby. Your baby’s world is built around sensory experiences. She feels the warmth of your body and the softness of her …

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