Day-time alternative to containers

A good day-time alternative to your typical “containers” is a baby carrier. The benefits include – vestibular stimulation, extra bonding with parent, calming for baby and parent, baby upright (good for reflux babies), decreased incidence of skull flattening, boosts breast milk production, allow parent to have “hands free” for daily chores, good for fussy babies, …

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A Round Head- Made Easy

Oh, the containers. The wonderful “things” in which we put our babies. The choices are limitless. Go to any local baby store, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Forty-nine types of swings. Sixty-four different bouncer seats. Car seat carriers that snap right into the stroller? Wow – what a perfect set up! Bumbo seats. …

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Positioning to Avoid Plagiocephaly and Torticollis: Strollers and Cribs

After the discovery in the early 90s that sleeping babies on their backs can prevent SIDS, we’ve seen a rise in torticollis and plagiocephalyin infants. But just because your baby sleeps that way doesn’t mean that he or she is destined for a flat head or a stiff neck. Taking a hands-on approach to parenting by holding your …

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Hail to the High Chair!

Frequently, we are asked about what sitting devices we recommend for babies. A very common one that parents seem to really love is the Bumbo Seat. Although this is an option and some babies do very well in them, it isn’t one of my favorites. It can help with head/neck control and offer a convenient …

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