Let’s talk containers….

What is the average cost of containers? Containers are expensive… and guess what!? YOU DON’T NEED THEM!!! So many think they have to have their baby in something all the time, but we need to free the babies! Not only is it so much less expensive but you are promoting normal development! When a baby is in a container, they aren’t moving and movement is necessary for normal development!

So what do you really need? A blanket!

Any blanket, get your baby on the floor! When they’re on the floor they’re exploring the world, looking around side to side, kicking their legs, reaching with their arms! If you have dogs/cats or older brother/sister around, the floor can be hard! Which is why we recommend the Pack ‘N Play!!! So if you know an expecting mom filling out her registry, let her know! There is actually very little you need!

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