Let’s talk about alignment

Let’s talk about ALIGNMENT! When babies are in containers- it is sooooo important to make sure the hips, chest, neck, and head are all in alignment or straight. Often (as demonstrated in the pictures), their little bodies become contorted and if they have neck tightness (also known as torticollis), they will stay in that same position- ALL THE TIME! (ouch!) This can make the neck tighter, the head flat and affect spinal/muscle growth.


If your baby has to be in a container, please check their alignment.

  • Position them so their bodies look straight.

  • Take them out when they start curving.

  • Give them lots of floor time so they can stretch and work their muscles freely.

Ideally babies should not sleep in anything but on a flat surface or a car seat while in the car. Good luck and keep those babies STRAIGHT!

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