700 Hours?

By the time a baby is 2 months old, they will have been on their back an average of 700 hours! It seems impossible, but after adding it all up, it most certainly true. This can be one of the causes of plagiocephaly. Let’s break down this statistic.

Think about it. A two month old baby – 24 hours a day. 60 days. That is 1440 hrs at only 2 months old. 700 hours is only half of that time. This surely doesn’t take into account time in a swing, hanging out in a bouncy seat, running errands with mom all day in the car, going for a little jog in the stroller, etc. And we wonder why their heads are flat!

This is yet another way infanthood is changing. It is important to talk about these issue and remember that babies need to be off of their malleable skull, especially for the first 3 months. After that, you really don’t need to worry about the head flattening.

We recommend “wearing” your baby. There are so many cool and comfortable options now – virtually something for every body type. So, go out and try a few on. Or if you are past that point, go get one for your best friend who’s having a baby. This is a great option to decrease that back time and ensure your baby’s head stays nice and pretty.

Best of luck to all of you. Let’s kick this plagiocephaly thing in the fanny!

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