Floor Time is the Best Time!

You may remember our past blog article where we talked to all of you about all those containers that we are all putting our babies in and how they can cause Flat Head Syndrome. So you may be wondering if you can’t put your baby in a swing/bouncy/nap nanny/etc., where should you put them? On the floor!

Babies love playing on the floor. They are able to move their arms, legs, and entire bodies so much easier while they are laying on their backs. It helps them develop their motor skills as well as promotes self-exploration. It works all their little growing muscles in the most optimal way possible. The key is to start doing this early and incorporate it into their daily schedule. They love to lay on play mats and in baby gyms and will eventually start reaching for the objects, rolling side to side to see all the fun toys and then will surprise you one day by rolling over to see all the beautiful colors!

So keep your time in those containers limited and start putting your baby on the floor to play- they will thank you!

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