What Is Infant Massage?

There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of infant massage. Here’s a summary of how it works to hopefully encourage you to seek out this wonderful opportunity for you and your baby.

Your baby’s world is built around sensory experiences. She feels the warmth of your body and the softness of her favorite blanket. She recognizes your scent. She hears your familiar voice and the songs that you sing. She makes eye contact with you. She tastes the milk that you feed her. She is aware of all types of movement. She is even able to tell you, maybe very subtly, what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Sometimes those early months of your baby’s life are full of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, they are also filled with stress, anxiety, exhaustion and fear. These are sensations that your baby can pick up on. We don’t always see the repercussions but they are there. They can affect the success of your day and the happiness of your baby.

Infant massage is a way to create a powerful bond between you and your infant. Through the powers of guided touch, you and your baby can build a strong and trusting relationship. It slows down the world around you and allows you to be present – there with your new found treasure.

Infant massage classes vary in the way they are presented. Some are done all in one day and others are spread out over a few classes, thus showing different techniques each time. Both can be very effective, so choose the one that fits best with your schedule and your baby’s personality. If they are on the fussy side, shorter classes may be the way to go. The instructor will demonstrate certain massage techniques for each part of the body. You then practice them on your baby. She will send you home with written material/pictures and sometimes even have a CD for purchase. It is typically a very relaxed environment and having other parents in the room with you creates a wonderful bonding experience.

Infant massage is great for babies that have reflux, colic, constipation, frequent gastrointestinal problems or are difficult to console. If you are having a hard time attaching to your baby or feel particularly distant from her, these are wonderful skills to learn. You and your baby will be much happier and more peaceful.

If you’re not sure where to find classes, look no further! The experts at Baby Begin can teach you about infant massage. You can learn more by contacting us by email at jennifer@babybegin.net or by phone at 972-800-8976.

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