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For babies who develop torticollis, early intervention is often the key to resolving the issue.  While torticollis causes can vary, this condition is frequently the result of cramped conditions in the womb. This is called “in-uterine constraint” and can cause babies to be born with a tight neck (torticollis). Sometimes we even see that the baby has a misshapen skull and facial asymmetries at birth, but with the right treatment, even these serious cases of infant torticollis can have a happy ending.

Baby Violet is an example of such a case. She was referred for therapy at just 2 weeks old. The condition developed because of constraint while in utero, and her pediatrician noticed her flat head and jaw asymmetries. In fact, Violet’s left jaw had been flattened since birth and her eyes were shaped irregularly. She was only comfortable nursing on one side and had to sleep in an inclined container.

For a month, Violet received weekly at-home treatment, where her parents were taught gentle stretches to do with her during the day. This was difficult for them at first due to her age and the severity of her neck tightness but became easier over time. They were also educated on ways to hold her to keep pressure off of the flattened parts of her skull and jaw.  A lactation consultant offered help with positioning options for breastfeeding, and the Baby Begin team encouraged Violet’s parents to swaddle her and put her to bed in a crib, avoiding the use of a bouncy seat or swing.

As time went by, the weekly visits stretched to every two weeks, then three weeks. During this time, Baby Begin worked not only with Violet’s parents, but also with the staff at her daycare, to make sure that she was always properly positioned and not left in a bouncy seat or swing. With everyone working together, Violet gradually improved.

Today, baby Violet has given us an extremely encouraging story to share. She has only mild, virtually unnoticeable asymmetries. Best of all, she never had to use a helmet to achieve these results. While torticollis can worsen during growth spurts, her parents now have the tools to work with her and they’re comfortable moving and interacting with their little one. They’re continuing her neck stretches and they are also making sure she has plenty of tummy time.

Baby Begin has had more than a thousand other success stories like baby Violet’s. If your little one is suffering from torticollis or plagiocephaly, mild or severe, the experts at Baby Begin can help. For more information about treatment of torticollis, please visit our website or connect with our online community on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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