Tummy Time Troubles | Make Tummy Time Enjoyable

By now, you probably know how important it is to make sure your baby gets enough tummy time. Vital for babies’ development, tummy time helps prevent flat head syndrome and sets the foundation for crawling and even walking. The importance of tummy time for babies, however, does not necessarily mean your baby will love participating in this particular activity. If your baby isn’t a fan, don’t give up! We have some tummy time tips to make it more enjoyable.

  • Choose the right time. Experts recommend starting tummy time the day you get home from the hospital. Make sure that your baby gets this several times a day for short periods. This helps increase your baby’s tolerance. It’s important, however, to wisely choose your timing. A hungry or tired baby is not going to benefit from tummy time.

  • Keep your baby company. Babies can’t see much from down there, and it’s easy for them to feel abandoned. Use this time to interact with your baby, engaging him or her with toys, by singing songs and even by reading books.

  • Don’t be afraid of props. Prop that baby up! A towel or receiving blanket, rolled and placed under the baby’s chest, can sometimes make all the difference in whether or not your little one is happy during tummy time.

  • Provide some entertainment. Don’t let tummy time get boring! Switch out the toys you use regularly, smile and be animated, and change tummy time up from time to time. Sometimes you can give your baby tummy time on your lap, or you can lie on your back with your baby on your stomach. You can even get on the floor on your tummy and join your little one!

  • Invest in a great tummy time mat. For a real treat, give your baby the Baby Begin Mat for tummy time. Featuring bold and contrasting colors proven to stimulate vision and attention, it also has a variety of plush textures to encourage tactile exploration. You can attach your baby’s favorite toys with the Velcro loops. The mat teaches creative exploration and imagination with different sections to keep your baby interested and challenged. Tired of rolled up blankets? The Baby Begin Mat features a removable prop pillow that works with infants from the moment they come home from the hospital until they are independent sitters.

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