Make Tummy Time a Treat | A Mat for Your Baby’s Senses

As every parent knows, tummy time is one of the most important things we do for our babies. It stimulates their brains, prepares them to crawl and helps prevent flat head syndrome and torticollis. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to get our little ones interested in tummy time, and an unhappy baby is never fun for parents. Now you can take the fuss out of infant tummy time, with a unique mat specifically designed to make tummy time fun and productive.

The Baby Begin Mat is an innovative and luxurious developmental tool. It was specifically designed by a pediatric therapist to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome and to encourage infants to explore. Together, these  elements promote optimal development. As you’re probably aware, consistent tummy time is critical to keep your baby’s head round and to maximize motor, cognitive and emotional development. The Baby Begin Mat makes tummy time easy and convenient. It comes with tummy time tips for parents, is washable and portable, and made with vinyl backing for indoor and outdoor use. It helps with tummy time for babies of all ages and keeps them interested throughout their different stages.

The developmental benefits are endless, but the best thing about the Baby Begin Mat is that it’s fun! The mat is excellent for promoting parent and baby play, large enough to use with multiple babies and perfect for early play dates. The Baby Begin Mat also features bold and contrasting colors proven to stimulate vision and attention, as well as a variety of plush textures to encourage tactile exploration. Velcro loops on the mat allow you to attach your baby’s favorite toys, helping enhance his or her fine motor skills. The mat also teaches creative exploration and imagination with different sections to keep your baby interested and challenged. Plus, the Baby Begin Mat promotes gross motor development, featuring a removable prop pillow that works with infants from the moment they come home from the hospital all the way to independent sitting.

If you’re looking for a tummy time mat, you owe it to your baby to check out ours. Proudly made in the USA, it’s a lovely treat for your little one. The Baby Begin Mat is the perfect shower gift because it’s suitable for boys and girls.

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