Simply Success Series


This little one was referred to us at 2 months of age (left before picture). After 2 months of working with our wonderful therapist Vanesa, and lots of dedication and hard work from the family, this little one has a beautiful round noggin’! Repositioning and treating the torticollis has some pretty results! 😉​​​​​​​​
Baby Begin specializes in plagiocephaly, and what that means for YOU, is that YOU can take action NOW on any flattening you may be seeing. The real value of that is easing your mind with a game plan for repositioning specific to YOUR baby. 50% of newborns have flat heads, but when we start repositioning by 2 months of age, we can keep 80% of those out of helmets! You want to correct your baby's head with repositioning, don't you?​​​​​​​​
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